The downward spiral

I have allowed the weakness in my trading to permeate through to the rest of the life. Poor trading results ate away at my motivation and I stopped going to the gym, I lost my interest in literature, and I started heavily snacking on junk food. In turn, the deterioration in body and mind has fuelled my trading insecurities, trapping me in a reinforcing loop of negativity.

Everything has clearly been upside down. I need to do what I can to promote a healthier state of mind. Following Rocko’s advice to take a break, I went back to the gym, but I found that I could barely do 10 minutes on the exercise bike before I was out of breath. It is a great barometer of my pathetic slide; before I stopped going to the gym I could cycle for 45-60 minutes at the same pace. Still, I feel a lot better for the effort and the fog of inescapable loss seems to have lifted a little. I feel I have a little more self-control.


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  1. Our diet affects our mental acuity quite a bit on top of looks. Not sure if this is just me, but I had been able to think much more clearly (and look much better) once I cut out most sugars from the diet. Perhaps it could do the same for you.

    Here you’ll find a list of reasons why sugar’s bad for you.

  2. Thanks Rocko. I didn’t realise sugar could be so destructive. I suppose I am quite lucky in that my sugary snacking tends to take place in the evenings, when I am not trading. Also, I have recently cut back on my sugar intake but cannot promise for how long. Afterall, sugar does taste quite nice, especially when incorporated into cakes and puddings.
    Still, every man has his poison and mine is caffeine – I estimate I drink about 5 to 7 cups of coffee or tea (I am British) every day. I have never thought about analysing the impact caffeine can have on my trading but imagine it can’t be positive.
    After a quick search on the internet, I have discovered the impact of caffeine can be pretty destructive (the example looks at the effect of caffeine on spider-web construction).
    I will post the spider-web picture seperately because I don’t think I can make it appear in the comments section.

  3. Hey!

    Have struggled with my own addictive behaviours … alcohol, caffeine, sugar, poker, internet bulletin board posting …

    All I can say about any of them is that there’s a point I reach where I have just had enough. Saturation. I’ve gotten to that point with every single on eof my addictions, with the exception maybe of the last one…. it seems like the “bottom” is the only extreme my psyche will accept as a limit.

    Not recommending this, but just offering it for your consideration, I found that resistance is futile. So like the kid who cures himself of craving for chocolate cake, gorges himself until it makes him sick, whenever I recognize some artifact of addiction, I’ll run to the extreme as quicly as I can in order to get it out of my system.

    I can now eat ONE candy bar and it’s enough. I can have ONE cup of coffee or drink and it’s enough. I can play ONE hand of poker, and it’s enough.

    Pretty soon I’ll have a day where I can post ONCE to ONE bulletin board and that will be enough too…

    Wishing you all the best on your journey of self mastery. FOREX will kick your butt like no zen master ever could.


  4. Excellent point femi. As you say, the currency market can be rather severe, and as is the case with all markets, there is no room for weakness. I have hit saturation in other areas before, such as when I was eating too much junk food and there came a point when a kind of natural correction took place. I just don’t know if I have hit the saturation point in my negative trading behaviours. I hope I have, but I can’t be certain of it. It really is an ‘after the fact’ kind of thing.

  5. Femi, don’t respond.