Week 1 FX trading results


Managed to eke out 14% in the currency markets this week. My trades involve an appalling level of risk, but I suppose I have no choice if I am to stand a chance of achieving an unreasonable target.

On one occasion, I avoided a massive drawdown by heeding Alan Collins‘ advice to ‘Take smaller positions with risk levels at levels where you would be clearly wrong’. On most occasions however, I have to ignore this advice if I am to get anywhere. It is not so much currency trading as it is a game of Russian Roulette.

Also, I have tried to follow some of Rocko’s wise words, and am spending a little less time in front of the trading screens.


3 responses to “Week 1 FX trading results

  1. Wow, that is phenomenal haha. How many trades did you have?

  2. Phenomenal only in the same way that Amaranth had months with 30%+ returns … before it blew up.

    : )

  3. ¿? i’m

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