Every man has his poison

… and mine is caffeine. I estimate I drink about 5 to 7 cups of coffee or tea (I am British) every day. Until now, I had never considered the potential impact of caffeine on my trading decisions.

The Wikipedia entry on caffeine shows how the toxicity of caffeine can affect a spider’s web-spinning abilities:

I know I am not a spider but this is not a good sign, especially considering that I tend to make my brews just before I get busy trading.

4 responses to “Every man has his poison

  1. Hey I hear you. I’ve cut caffeine out of my diet almost completely. I still drink some tea during the day (I think green tea’s health benefits outweigh the caffeine negatives), but no more do I pound down a six pack of Mt Dew daily. Best thing I’ve ever done. Now that I’m off the “crack” my mind is so much more clear. I highly suggest you give it a try. You’ll have headaches and feel like shit for a week but it’s for the best!

  2. I hear you Paul. I tried the cold turkey approach before but soon fell back in to the habit – caffeine is clearly addictive for some people. I aim to limit myself to a single caffeinated tea or coffee in the morning with breakfast, and then switch to decaf for the rest of the day. Hopefully, this will help give my spiderwebs (trading) a little more structure. I may allow myself to cheat a little on the days when I am not trading.

    One day, I may even break in to my stock of flavoured tea ‘infusions’. Ah who am I kidding; musn’t get overly ambitious!

  3. I found myself in a similar downward spiral as you (I am also on the path of trading out of it). The first thing I did was kill the coffee. I was on a 4-cup-every-morning coffee diet and it was killing my insides. I switched cold-turkey to green tea (which I enjoy anyway). I lost all the sugar, reduced the caffeine intake and made my insides happy again. The green tea was a good replacement because I didn’t go from coffee to nothing – I was replacing it with a comparable alternative. I made this change about 2 months ago and I’ve had maybe 5 coffee’s since that time and I have no desire to go back to the old ways.

  4. Caffeine addiction is clearly a big problem. Before my tea and coffee days I used to consume two cans of Coke a day and after a while I felt as if it was corroding my insides. I had to switch to Diet, but that came to an end after I started feeling sharp pains in my stomach. This stuff can really mess you up. Chuck, that you have only had 5 coffee’s in two months points to strong discipline. I tried quitting before but somehow slipped back in to the habit.

    Earlier I said I would have just one cup of coffee a day, but I think I will test my resolve by going cold-turkey and switching to decaf.