Less frequent posting

When I started this blog a few weeks ago, the aim was simply to chart my journey from a point of despair. What I have found however, is that the anonymity of the medium has enabled me to be completely open in discussing my trading predicament and my personal weaknesses. The anonymity has allowed me to to use this blog as a tool for brutal introspective investigation in an effort to cure my behavioural ills; the realisation of my weaknesses, and of my mortality as a trader, has been quite the humbling experience.

I originally expected to post just once or twice a week but to my surprise I have had quite a bit to comment on. To my greater surprise is the number of reader comments that have really helped me get my mind in order (this journey continues). Reader traffic has been boosted by links from Trader Mike’s site, Brett Steenbarger’s Trader Performance, and from The Kirk Report, and for this I am very grateful. The general advice and words of encouragement offered by readers has been totally unexpected, and again I thank you for your kindness. Readers’ comments also provided the basis for a road map, which will hopefully help me on my journey.

Over the past two weeks I have got a lot off my chest, so to speak, and feel that I now have less to say but more to act upon. Because I don’t want to post entries for their own sake, and because I don’t believe I have anything original to contribute on the discussions of technicals, money management etc, I will reduce the frequency of my posting to once or twice a week, as I originally intended.


7 responses to “Less frequent posting

  1. Caravaggio, sounds right to me. Thanks for your courage and honesty in talking about how addiction and trading is a real problem, affecting real people. Your particular style of eloquence increased the power of your message.

    As you said, you want to focus on acting, and posting recently has got you to the stage of being able to start to do that. That’s great. It will be rough going at times, as you well know. However, there are cyber friends rooting for you, and who are interested and understanding about the ups and down of the process of recovering from trading addiction.

    As far as you having nothing original to contribute, I beg to differ. But each thing at its own pace.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Michelle. Before I started this blog I felt quite alone, alone because of the very nature of being a home trader, alone because of my losses, and alone because I found it difficult to be any way near as open with friends and family as I have been here. When I started writing I imagined this blog would act as a diary, providing little more than a reflection of my thoughts, but it has given me so much more. Offerings of practical advice and general comments from friends such as yourself have directly helped me feel less isolated and that little bit less clouded by hopelessness. That I’ve had a couple of profitable weeks may have something to do with it, but I’m pretty sure I know which way the causality ran. Of course this will only truly be tested when I have period of losses … but it does feel like I am on a delicate path of psychological recovery from what was a rather dark place.

  3. We excuse you from the duties of daily postings, but please continue to share with us your excellent collection of cultural items – I am printing them off for my own use. Best I like the dualing monkeys, which may be bears and bulls but may also be the various parts of our own selves. Being a California lowlife, I watch surfing movies and think trading is like catching a wave so each to their own flavor.

  4. Glad you find them of interest nonadamas.

    I also used to use the surfing metaphor but these days I see my trading as a military campaign, albeit not in the conventional sense – in my vision the market is a neutral battlefield and the fight is between me and myself.

  5. Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

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