Gremlin alert

ALERT: Instant gratification gremlin on the prowl

Thanks to Michelle B for this alert.


4 responses to “Gremlin alert

  1. I really appreciate this duo of photo and caption! Thanks.

    Is that really yellow, gummy spittle rolling out of its fang-lined mouth? It should gargle at least a thousand times using an antiseptic mouthwash and sand blast those teeth!

    How can anything that is so ugly and revolting be 50% pink, which is my favorite color?

    Ah, now I know why despite my moving so quietly that the inner beast can still hear my trading movements. Check out those ears!!!!

    Its red, bloodshot eyes is screaming for some sleep.

  2. Hah, yes, a very good point about his big ears.

    I think the picture perfectly captures the evil and pure menace that the gremlin represents. I know it’s not the nicest thing to be looking at but I’ve stuck this image above your gremlin trading alert on my computer. It’s a reminder of what I am feeding when I let my weaknesses take control.

  3. I agree. I was able to diss the gremlin a bit because of your photo. And it felt empowering.

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