When I started this blog I said ‘I have £3500 left in the pot’. From this pot, I must draw funds to pay for expenses:

I have just treated myself to a long overdue haircut, setting me back £7.50. I usually get my haircut once a month but I had left it for well over two months and was starting to look more and more like Wolverine from the X-Men. My mobile phone bill and internet connection add a further £35 to the monthly charge. Then there is roughly £40 a month for petrol costs and £31 for gym membership. On top of these monthly fixed costs are my discretionary expenditures on entertainment, and then there are the yearly charges such as council taxes, road tax (unpaid for two months now, but I hope to pay it shortly), MOT, etc. On the original £3500, these charges tally to around 10% a month. It is said that small leaks sink ships; I realise that I am in a small boat with a large hole. Precarious times indeed. I shall press on.

PS – My trading results are reported after expenses.


4 responses to “Expenses

  1. i am amazed that you can trade for a living with such a small capital base…your blog is a must read for anyone who is thinking about making the jump

    when i read your results before, i was not aware that they were calculated after your living (as opposed to just trading) expenses

    great job!

  2. Hi John, I am just about hanging in there. Because I am not very materialistic I found it easy to cut back on all unnecessary expenses, and when things got really bad I moved out of rented accommodation back to my parent’s house (with my tail firmly between my legs). It is a choice I have made and I am determined to see it through to the end. Still, it is a bit shameful telling people I am a trader when my lifestyle is more like that of a hobo.

    PS – thanks for the blog compliments. I’m a regular at Tale of the Tape.

  3. Caravaggio,
    I have that exact comic book that you posted – in fact, I collected the whole 4-part mini-series. IMO, the Wolverine look is not as bad as you think – in fact it is very unique, just like your blog. If I had to choose, I would sacrifice the monthly haircut and keep the gym membership – health is more important than looks.

    Amazing work you’re doing here, keep it up!

  4. There’s a coincidence Phileo! I think the Wolverine look works well for an X-man, and it can also make for a good Dracula if you shave the beard, but I was just a very dishevelled human.

    After four or five weeks of not having hard a haircut it really starts to play on my mind, and I feel so much better for getting it cut (I realise this sounds a little strange). But yes, health definitely trumps hair.

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