Road tax gets paid


I have finally paid £100 (approx) for a 6-month renewal of my car’s road tax. Even though I hardly use my car these days, this minor transgression was starting to burn on my conscience. The other outstanding ‘conscience’ expense is a couple of pounds to my local library; their photocopier kindly gave me unlimited free copies when times were particularly hard. I will pay up the next time I visit the library. These transgressions may appear small, but I like to live with as clean a sheet as possible as I believe one’s character is moulded in the margins of life.

Generally, I find it difficult to take money out of my trading account for items like the road tax license (and harder for entertainment expenses) because I harbour the deluded belief that ‘I have a special power to make the money grow’ if I keep it invested in my fund. Indeed, I have previously foregone the simple pleasures of life for the sake of my fund, scrimping and saving wherever and whenever possible, but I would only proceed to squander this capital in a few misplaced trades. Every time I did this I would look back with hindsight and regret not having spent the money on living a less frugal existence, instead of gambling it away.

Because my pot is so low I realise I cannot be generous to myself, but when times are good I will make greater effort to set a aside a little money for general living. I realise this is important. It helps with ‘balance’.


One response to “Road tax gets paid

  1. Caravaggio, great ‘balanced’ post. Thanks.

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