Steven Seagal teaches trading


I have just watched Steven Seagal in ‘Out For a Kill’. Don’t ask me why; please just accept that some actions cannot be explained. The movie reviews say it is a terrible film with poor direction, a bad script and even worse acting, and the reviews are right on all counts. However, Mr Seagal does impart some sage trading wisdom when when he quotes an ancient Chinese proverb on the subject of revenge:

‘Before you set out on revenge, you first dig two graves’.


2 responses to “Steven Seagal teaches trading

  1. Who says that good cannot come from bad! Though it took you, my dear Caravaggio, to dig up some good connected with Seagal–I had long ago given up in such an endeavor!!!

  2. Hah, yes, this little nugget came from a whole lot of ‘bad’.

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