Sidebar update

Tapeworm’s newly revamped site has inspired me to introduce a few changes here at the3500. I thought about changing the theme/template to this more professional looking three-column template but I realised that would involve losing my precious fighting monkeys picture (see top right corner). I’ve decided to stick with the current template and have instead made a couple of overdue additions to my sidebar:

  • Recent Comments: Shows the latest five comments. What’s really cool is that if commentators have blogs or web-sites of their own, clicking on their names will take you straight there. Otherwise, just click on the title of the post to see their comments.
  • Top Posts: This shows the top posts based on the past 24-48 hours viewing. I would have preferred to show the top posts of all time but this doesn’t seem available on blogs.
  • Blog Stats: A simple statcounter.

I think I’ve got the basics of a blog now, but if you would like to see further changes just drop me a comment with suggestions.


2 responses to “Sidebar update

  1. I would suspect that you could use the fighting monkeys as your banner? The cutline link below is compatible with wordpress, and uses refreshing photos for the blog banner:

  2. Thanks Michelle, I’ve converted my test-site to the Cutline theme ( I do prefer the format of the sidebar, but overall I don’t think it quite works. I may try to remove ‘the 3500’ title and incorporate it in to the banner, but I can’t use refreshing photos function for the banner because this component requires additional code, and you can’t change the code with a free wordpress account.

    Free wordpress accounts also mean no advertising/selling is allowed, which I like very much, but they also restrict downloading of themes and plug-ins to the limited, but growing, approved selection. The WordPress folks keep on adding new functions and themes for free users so I will probably change things around yet.

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