Who’s doing the trading?


A few weeks ago I put a gremlin alert on my desk to remind me to be emotionally strong and to help prevent my inner gremlins from taking control over my trading activities, as they so often have in the past. It seems to have had a positive effect (thanks for the idea Michelle).

Today I removed the gremlin alert from my desk, replacing it with the phrase ‘opportunity favours the prepared mind’. If my trading behaviour slides in to a vicious circle the gremlin alert will return, but for the time being I shall focus on trying to cultivate the ‘prepared mind’.


One response to “Who’s doing the trading?

  1. New readers may be a little confused at all this talk of ‘gremlins’ and ‘prepared minds’ but if you read a few of the older posts (just follow the links in the article) it should become clear.

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