Week 12 FX trading results

It’s been a hit and miss week. My account fluctuated between -7% and +10%, settling at +2.6%. I’m thankful that it’s positive but I recognise this is not healthy growth; I continue to struggle to follow the path laid out by the road map (my road map score this week is a mere 5 out of 10 because I dived in to too many trades without proper consideration, losing sense of the bigger picture).

I am enjoying the journey and the challenges presented along the way, but this failure to stick to the script is creating a mental anguish and low sense of self-worth. Whether I make or lose money, I want to have followed the righteous path. The struggle continues, but it is hard only because I make it so.


2 responses to “Week 12 FX trading results

  1. This week many people’s portfolios flucuated widely, esp global stuff.

  2. Thanks for the comments, When I struggle I tend to focus on every pip, rather then use patience….Trading is always a work in progress.

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