Forgive the indulgence, but I had a relevant and timely dream last night. I was back at my old workplace, off the trading floor and in a basement room with a handful of FX traders. One of the trader’s in this room had been trading through the day and was close to hitting £1m in profit. We were all happy for him. The global head of trading came down to see the star trader but instead of congratulating him, he walked him to the corner and said something along the lines of ‘You can’t do this. It’s too much risk.’ The head of trading used to be a skilled full time trader, and he knew what he was talking about. The trader also knew he had ventured too far. It had paid off this time around, but it could have been very ugly. The dream ended there.

The likely ingredients going in to this dream include reading ‘Inside the House of Money’ just before I went to sleep, and my excessive risk taking activity in recent weeks. I feel I have added volatility to my trading results without sufficient corresponding return. Now is not the time for brave risk taking, and I must be more sensible.


2 responses to “Dream

  1. I think the dream reflects your Big Mama passing you some advice as your gremlins whisper in your ear (they say all parts of a dream reflect part of ourselves) ….it is now your choice whether you listen.

    I am reading Trader Vic’s books about his life and he includes many comments about the emotional side of trading and keeping mental health and physical health intact through the trading process. He also talks at length about formulating risk and how to hedge.

  2. Thanks nonadamas, my dreams are usually meaningless rambles but it makes sense to listen to the Big Mama on this one.

    I Googled Trader Vic and came up with http://www.tradervics.com at the top of the search. It’s a cool site, but it’s the wrong Trader Vic! Scrolling down, I see you are referring to a trader called Victor Sperandeo. I’ve added his two books to my reading list.

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