January 2007 trading results

Here are my trading results. Week 13 is not a full week but only runs to Wednesday, the last day of the month. While the absolute net return for the month has been reasonable at +18%, I am not satisfied with my performance because I have invited even greater volatility in the hope of making a ‘great leap’ forward; the time for a ‘great leap’ may yet come, but as of now it is the wrong approach. These results bring to mind a quote on the topic of variance from ‘Capital Ideas’ (by Peter Bernstein):

‘The technical term for the risk that diversification aims to reduce is “variance”.  Variance means distance from the average.  When property owners want to deviate from accepted building standards in their community they must obtain a permit know as a “variance.” Statisticians tell of man who had his feet in the oven and his head in the refrigerator, but who average felt pretty well.’


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