Week 13 FX trading results

By the middle of the week, I was experiencing a drawdown of -4.8% (see January trading results). I have fortunately managed to reverse this loss and grow the balance by a modest 1.7%.

My score for adhering to the wonderful road map, however, is just 6 out of 10, due to transgressions early in the week. Since creating the road map, I feel I have managed to maintain discipline in the non-trading element of the plan (i.e, exercise, diet, taking breaks, and connecting with reality), and I sense this has helped in providing some degree of robustness to my trading constitution. It is only conjecture but I feel success in these areas has played a marginal but vital role in keeping me from entering a spiral of destruction and hopelessness, although I’ll admit I have certainly visited the brink of despair on several occasions.

There is no reason for it, but 12,000 was a psychological goal I had been focusing on over the last couple of months, and attaining it provides me with a sense of achievement and comfort. I know I had been pushing too hard in recent weeks, trying to achieve the same kind of account growth I experienced when my edge was sharp, with a high positive expectancy. But now that I have reached this target, I aim to be a little more cautious in my trading. This revised outlook gives me some comfort because it means I should be less stressed as I reduce my position sizes in line with the reduced expectancy of my trading strategy. At the very least, I hope to dampen the intra-week volatility of my P+L.


2 responses to “Week 13 FX trading results

  1. i look forward to the day that the blog name changes to theMILLION…your results have been phenomenal…keep up the great work

  2. Thanks John. I like the idea of ‘theMILLION’ but this will have to wait – just when I was feeling better about myself I have run in to big loss that has the potential to be a major set-back. I’ll write a post on this shortly.

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