This is why it’s so hard!

Hat tip to Trader Rich, who found this excellent image from wsd on the Oanda forums.

4 responses to “This is why it’s so hard!

  1. I use Oanda too!! Though I wish I was as successful as your results!

    Best of luck, I’m sure you can recoup your losses and then teach me a thing or two!


  2. Hi Yaser, on face value my results look quite good, but on a risk-adjusted basis they are just reasonable. They used to be excellent, and then very good, and now they are just okay.

  3. How come? I’m assuming you utilized a systematic trading approach, I guess it stopped working?

  4. Hi Yaser, my core approach is partly systematic and partly discretionary. I can’t tell whether it has stopped working yet, despite the recent blow-out. I suppose time will tell will be the great revealer.

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