Feed me

I’ve just added a couple of buttons to the blog that enables readers to subscribe to posts via e-mail (Feedblitz) or via Feedburner RSS. 



4 responses to “Feed me

  1. Hi Carravagio,

    how did you get the feedblitz widget to show up like that?
    When I signed up for the email widget, I got the box that asks the user to enter their email addr.

  2. Hi Phileo, If you log-in to Feedblitz and then do the following, it will take you to the HTML code:

    1. Go to “My Account” (the first big orange tab) > “My Syndications” > Click “View and Manage”.

    2. This bring up a list of your blogs. Left click the title of the blog > go to “Syndication Setup” > “HTML forms and syndication code”. This takes you to the code for the orange counter chicklet.

    They sure could make it a lot easier to navigate.

  3. Thanks! I was looking around for the longest of time for that elusive chicklet. They hid it really well, and don’t tell you how to find it !!!

  4. No problem Phileo. Now we just have to wait for Feedblitz to allow us change the colour of chicklet away from orange.

    : )

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