Week 15 FX trading results

I’ve observed some strange patterns in my trading over the past two years:

– I have been on family holidays three times since I started trading full-time, and each time, I managed to scout out an internet café from which I could trade. Trading from a single screen, often without charts or a live news feed for guidance, is a risky proposition and I was careful not to risk too much on a given trade. Nevertheless, I always came back from the holiday with a little more money than when I left.

– However, on the previous three occasions when my sister came to visit us from Dubai, my trading would fall apart and I would lose much more than was right. I’m not sure why this happened – perhaps I was trying too hard to prove myself.  

This time around, I am happy to report I made a reasonable profit of 5% in the week. This, despite spending less than a quarter of my usual time at my trading station. I did miss one nice set up on Friday, but I’m happy with the results. Importantly, my P&L didn’t swing wildly through the week.

My road map score is 7 out of 10 this week. It’s a ‘so-so’ performance. I aim to update the road map – the cornerstone of my trading – over the weekend.

3 responses to “Week 15 FX trading results

  1. It’s always nice to see people doing well in trading.
    Have a great weekend and good luck the next week!

  2. I find I do a bit better at my trading when I let the market come to me. Not try to over analyse what is going on. Glad to here things are going well, i hope it continues!

  3. Stefan and Banker – Thanks for the encouraging words.

    Banker, it’s an interesting point you make about letting the market come to you. I also believe trading is not about trying to make something out of nothing; it’s about finding and exploiting existing opportunities. As Globetrader commented earlier: ‘I found that I can not trade against myself’.

    A potentially interesting, future project would be to start grading my trades between 1-5, according to how much of the trade was due to a perceived opportunity in the market versus being down to a personal ‘need’. At the end of the year, I could assess whether there is any correlation with trade profitability.

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