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Reader statistics, courtesy of, suggest most of my readers consume this blog via RSS feeds, with Google (Google Reader and Google homepage) being the most popular viewer.


In an effort to be more efficient in my blog reading, I have also started using Google Reader and first impressions are very positive. But there is one major drawback that really stands out: RSS feeds do not directly include comments.

Because my journey has been guided by reader comments – for example, see the latest insightful comments from  Tyro Trader on ‘Conditioning optimal trading behaviour III’ – I recommend RSS reader’s pop in once a week or so and check the ‘recent comments’ section for updates. I only get a handful of comments each week, but some of these are gold.


2 responses to “RSS readers and comments

  1. Hi there Caravaggio. Long time no read, unfortunately, on account of website access issues which have now been resolved. Very happy to see the running total gradually ticking up and up! Anyway, having been well and truly shaken out of what turned out to be a great call this morning, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to take a break and catch up on my WordPress favourites…

    Regarding the stick-and-carrot thing, it seems a lot of peoples comments and what they think on the subject come not from what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but from the kind of person they are – and some of the comments are very illuminating as to the variety of psychological makeup amongst our fellow traders. For example, it’s commonly held that fear is the greatest of all motivators. However, how people react to fear is not set in stone. Some will do everything in their powers to avoid what they fear, while others will do everything in their powers to confront their fear – and this can happen consciously or unconsciously. This is why sometimes , especially amongst those who don’t know themselves honestly and properly, the stick is actually a carrot.

    I suggest the most important thing is to know yourself and know your goals.

    By using knowledge of yourself and your goals you can then build a truly bespoke stick-and-carrot approach. Importantly, you should ensure that any methods, approaches or techniques you may implement are congruent with your goals.

    Thinking about this personally, I actually found it easier to come up with ‘sticks’ rather than ‘carrots’ (which is perhaps telling? – something for me to think about?). Anyway… I recently spoke about this very subject with a guy here in the office who’s been knocking around with his fair share of Bunds for the last 7 years or so. He simply suggesting going for a hard run. The thinking behind this being:
    (a) You are clearly punishing yourself for being a bad boy – but its constructive, because…
    (b) Hard physical exercise works as an anti-depressive (clinically proven), helping lift your mood
    (c) If you push yourself to the point where you literally can’t think about anything other than coping with the pain in your body this will clear your mind and help you reset yourself mentally
    (d) It is an activity congruent with the goal of successful trading – reasons b & c – and, as a bonus, it’s also congruent with your goal of having a healthy body

    Importantly, this isn’t any good and won’t be a ‘stick’ if you’re one of those mentalists who enjoys exercise to the point where, honestly, you’d rather go for a run than have a pint.

    All the best, sorry it’s a bit of an essay, have a good one. Dave

    PS. There’s a new edition of ‘Reminiscences of a Stock Operator’ in print now – 10 Feb 2006. Admitted, some do not afford it the relevance others do but, for the sake of a few quid, it’s simply THE book that EVERY trader should read. (plus the two ‘Market Wizards’, but maybe that’s just me!?)
    See Amazon, ISBN: 978-0471770886

  2. Good to hear from you again TraderDave.

    I agree that different people’s views on the carrot and stick approach tell us something about their character. That said, there did seem to a consensus that a non-constructive stick was unlikely to be helpful. Personally, I like the idea of hitting the road and going for a run to ‘reset’ yourself. I kind of do this already by going to the gym three or four times a week, and it makes a world of difference. Unfortunately, I think I’ve become one of those mentalists who actually enjoys exercising. I’m sure there are other constructive sticks out there, but for now I will focus on the carrots and see what comes of it.

    I like your book choices. I also recommend Reminiscences and the two Market Wizards books, along with Inside the House of Money (for global macro). I posted a selection of quotes from Reminiscences on my blog a few weeks ago and have just added to the comments a link to the free pdf of the book (link below)

    PS – How is the trading venture going?. It would be nice to some posts over on your blog but I know this takes valuable time, the ultimate of scarce resources.

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