The Blogger Hedge Fund

One of my side projects has come to fruition.

Just over a year ago, I contacted a group of successful trading bloggers in equities, commodities, and fixed income, with the idea of setting up a hedge fund comprising of diversified trading styles across the major markets. We spent several months preparing an audited record of our trading performance and I eventually whittled the numbers of traders down to ten, including myself (currencies). Using my City contacts I managed to get legal assistance on setting up the fund, in exchange for a small equity stake, and I also used my access to generate a little interest in the idea. After endless meetings and pitches, we have now secured our first major investment of $5m from a medium-sized European investment bank. The charges are just 1 and 10, not the usual 2 and 20, and the fund will be allocated between the ten traders using a weighting-equation based on the past three months performance of each trader, with reallocations taking place at the end of each month. The fund’s performance can be tracked here.


5 responses to “The Blogger Hedge Fund

  1. Grr! We were both really excited for about ten minutes!!!

  2. If you can imagine it, it will come to fruition. So much private equity with “your contacts” you could probably create this beast. Awesome! Hilarious.

  3. sorry, I couldn’t help myself!


  4. Excellent, Got me !!

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