Esquire on trading


Reading the March issue of Esquire, I found a few quotes that could be related to trading.  

Solo yachtsman Alex Thomson in an interview:

“There were supposedly some icebergs coming up. It can be a real worry – Russian roulette, almost. You can be belting along in the middle of the pitch black and even the radar sometimes doesn’t pick them up.”

43 year old record producer, Rick Rubin, in a Q&A:

“At one time, science said the world was flat, and everybody believed it. The fact is we don’t know anything for sure.”

“I have a theory: what seems to balance us, whether aurally or visually, comes from a distant, primal memory of something in nature. When something is rings true it’s because it harks back to some truth in the universe. You just know when it happens. With artists, you can see it happen. A band will be playing and something starts happening and everyone starts looking at each other in a certain way. It’s just a feeling.”


2 responses to “Esquire on trading

  1. I enjoy the post’s….and you got me on the Start up Hedge Fund !!!

  2. thx Banker … good to see the April fool’s joke is still reeling them in !

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