Week 22 FX trading results


Week 22 yielded a meagre return of 0.1% and yet this is my best performance in a long while because I remained in control of my faculties through the trading week. I believe I was ‘aware’ of the risks I was taking and I pressed only when I perceived opportunity. My score for following my road-map is 8.5 out of 10, the highest to date.

I did start the week on a positive note but my p+l swung back to neutral on Thursday, when I was caught short as EUR/USD blew through the stops at 1.3400 and just kept on going. Following todays solid non-farm payrolls report, EUR/USD has returned to lower levels, but I had bailed out at a loss well before the report; it’s simply too much of a lottery for the intraday trader.

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