The3500 Trading System advert

14 responses to “The3500 Trading System advert

  1. Where’s the buy button?? 😉 you never know.. lol

  2. I think someone needs to submit the trading rules to one of the FX forums. 2% Max DD and unlimited upside sounds OK, but I’m sure a bunch of profitable (?) traders can put their heads together, add 15 more rules/indicators and a lot of subjectivity and confusion, and we’ll all end up with a better system. Right???

  3. Eyal – Ah yes, the buy button with Paypal and Visa options. I thought that may be pushing it a little too far!

    John – It’s so true…the system can always be improved. Version 2.0 of the trading system will combine 50 of the favourite indicators from the top 50 traders, to give us a new ‘super-indicator’. For a limited time only, we will also provide a plug-in that provides a live audio feed from bugs that have been covertly placed in the CEO boardrooms of the S&P 500, and the Federal Reserve meeting room.

  4. Draw a horizontal line from yesterday’s high.
    Draw a horizontal line from yesterday’s low.

    Trade when price crosses a line.

    It’s that simple. 10 pip a day your way to wealth and fame.

  5. CT – I will incorporate these ideas in v 2.0. As John says, more rules and more indicators makes for a better system.


  6. I would not add it to v 2.

    Sell it as an Add-On. $$$

    And of course only to those who attend The Seminar.

    But then again you’ll make so much money using it yourself, just let the marketing team you hire decide which way to go…


  7. Has somebody made an EA out of this method?

  8. Hi B Mack. We do indeed have an EA version. This is actually available for free. The only condition is that you have to download a toolbar that tracks your internet activity and produces the occasional advertisement based on your user profile. We reserve the right to sell your profile to approved marketing companies, who may send you tailored e-mails and physical mail-shots, and phone you to discuss various products and services that could be of interest.

  9. You’re not charging enough for this.

  10. I’ve seen MA crossover systems marketed for $3000 US, so I think you need to charge more as well. Also If the referral fees are right I could link to the system as well and promote it whenever I could. Though with my Amazon income set to hit $25 total in 3 years I don’t want to endanger that revenue stream quite yet before it hit’s the magical 3 figures and Amazon send me a cheque.

  11. lol, thought about charging more but I didn’t want to narrow my target audience of gullible fools. It is said that a fool and his money are lucky enough to get together in the first place. ‘The 3500 Trading System’ is there to help correct this imbalance in the universe.


  12. LOL. This is hilarious. Particularly CT’s add-on idea.

  13. C, you should take off the clause at the end of that page, and see how many real inquiries you get.

  14. HA HA HA HA …
    the ideal trading for ppl is “pillow scheme ” , take your money and put it under or push it inside the pillow … who cares about inflation these days:)!

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