I continue to draw insights from the unlikeliest of places: 

Because our patio is on a slight downward angle, when we water the potted plants the water runs down to the drain. The journey the water takes to get there is an interesting one. The objective is to obey the natural law of gravity and to flow on a downward path. However, the water doesn’t follow a straight line. Because there is limited pressure (due to the angle of the patio and the quantity of water), the paths of least resistance are dictated, in large part, by the lumpy surface of the paving, and the cracks and dirt the water encounters along the way. Because of these obstacles and because of the nature of water, the flow divides into separate trickles, each with it’s own, unique path. Some trickles meet too much resistance and fail and dry up. Does the water try harder to make these paths ‘work’? No, of course not. The natural laws dictate a path of least resistance, and only the successful channels are reinforced with more flow. The water is not ‘trying’, it just ‘is’, but we can learn from it.

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