Week 25 trading results

Bad times, me thinks. My account fell by 5.4%, taking the balance to a few hundred pounds below the £12k mark. I attribute the decline to three factors: a failure of my strategy to deliver the goods, ongoing expenses, and a minor slip up in discipline. Because of the latter, I am giving myself a score of 7 out of 10 for following my road-map.

Negative weeks are part and parcel of the game, but when I am faced with a sizable weekly loss, it makes me consider the futility of trading with a low base of capital. I’m carrying on for now because my trading activity seems to have a positive expectancy in gross terms, but ongoing expenses mean I have have to run pretty fast just to stay still. Thus, I continue to seek work elsewhere and am devoting a portion of my time to other projects.

I am also introducing a point of ruin at £9k. If my equity falls to this level, I will cease trading.


2 responses to “Week 25 trading results

  1. You’ve come a long way since £3,500. With such a small account, you had a steep hill to climb and have been doing very well. It’s a shame that you need to make such extreme returns to keep going. With a slightly bigger bankroll, you would be the envy of most trading bloggers.

    I hope you can stave off “disaster” (200% returns in six months!) so you can keep inspiring us.

  2. I hear you Tyro. Capital is sorely lacking. Perhaps the best way to accumulate capital is to work under somebody’s employ for a few years, rather than trying to trade my way back to a half decent level. Also, perhaps I am lucky that I started with a relatively low level of capital in the first place, because my destructive phase (before I started this blog) may then have been even more damaging in nominal and psychological terms.

    It’s good to provide a source of inspiration, and perhaps also a salutary tale of caution to other traders. Whatever happens, I think I’ll keep writing – I love being a part of the community of non-commercial trading bloggers.

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