Wall Street sequel: Money Never Sleeps

Thanks to fellow blogger Trading Forever, I’ve learned about an upcoming sequel to Wall Street. BBC News reports that the producer of the original film, Ed R Pressman, has signed on to develop the Wall Street sequel, which will be called ‘Money Never Sleeps’. Once again, the film will be centered around Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), everybody’s favourite villain, but Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) isn’t expected to have a role and Oliver Stone won’t be directing. I believe Stone’s direction gave the original film an edge – a kind of cold, brutal energy – and I’d be surprised in the new film lives up to the original. Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on.


If Michael Douglas ever wants to portray a real hedge fund legend, I don’t think he’ll need much from the make-up department:


In my Google search for ‘Money Never Sleeps’, I made the following discoveries:

  • Money Never Sleeps is also the name of the documentary of the making of the Wall Street – you can find it on special edition DVDs.
  • Money Never Sleeps is also the name of a documentary about the global financial markets. The film looks at trading rooms around the world, profiling all sorts of people including day traders, fund managers, scholars, author John Murphy, and Nobel Laureate James Tobin. Judging by the clip below, it looks like a top quality, in-depth film, but at $130 I sure won’t be ordering it.


This clip is just under 3 minutes long and is well worth watching.

2 responses to “Wall Street sequel: Money Never Sleeps

  1. I love Wall Street film. I love quotes from Gordon Gekko. In the new dvd version (20th anniversary) you have a documentary called Money Never Sleeps.


  2. Looking forward to it!!!

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