My withering community of trading blogs


Tapeworm’s enjoyable blog was the first to go off-line, then NYSE Scalper stopped blogging and Phileo took a break due to personal reasons. And now Trader Gav is hanging up his blogging hat and putting his trading activities on hold. I visited all these blogs regularly and will miss them greatly, but I also appreciate just how intensive maintaining a blog can be. I admit that I too have felt like committing blogger seppuku on a few occasions, but I can’t do it: I need the outlet, and I have learned so much from listening to the feedback of others that I feel I couldn’t just give up, not yet. (Also, I’d rather reduce my frequency of posts rather than close up shop altogether.)

5 responses to “My withering community of trading blogs

  1. Maintaining a blog sure is a lot of work. However, I recommend everyone to make one. Personally I find the task of making thoughts swirling around my head into a short text very rewarding. Feedback often gives a new and improved perspective. It’s also very interesting to read old text and see how my understanding of the market (hopefully) has improved.

    I could write a long text here, but will just say; keep on writing Caravaggio – And for every reader; becoming a writer will be worthwhile!

  2. Hi Caravaggio,

    Yeah, the burden of maintaining my blog has become a daunting task lately. Probably my personal situation has contributed to decreasing my motivation. I’m hoping this is just a stage I’m going thru and that I will get through it soon….

  3. JP – I hear you loud and clear. For one thing, it’s free therapy, an opportunity to get some of the stuff that’s going on in my head out in the open. I particularly like your approach to blogging – less frequent, but at least you don’t blog for the sake of it. I think this is a more sustainable approach. Also, with the advent of RSS readers, checking for updates is no longer an issue, so frequency becomes less important and content more so.

    Phileo – I suppose it’s no good forcing it, and you have more pressing matters at hand.

    For many, blogging seems to be a passing phase in their lives, and this is fine, because it still serves a purpose.

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