Liverpool lose 2-1


Following on from the post below, Liverpool ended up losing to Milan 2-1. The match was a joy to watch. Liverpool’s performance was valiant and courageous, but as Liverpool captain Steven Gerard said after the game:

“In the build-up to the game we said it would be decided on small details and a bit of luck and Milan got that.”

Trading can also be about small details and bit of luck, and even though we may perceive a trading edge, we still need an element of luck to keep me from a truly disastrous but low probability outcome (throwing heads many times over with a coin toss is unlikely but it’s possible).

Returning to the football match, in my opinion we witnessed a case of the better team losing on the day. Milan capitalised on the few chances they had, and the history books will remember them as the victors, but they were quite sluggish relative to Liverpool, who, while not playing the perfect game, did very little wrong. Such outcomes are possible in games like football and trading, but as Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez said in the post-match commentary ‘at the end of the day you need to score’.


2 responses to “Liverpool lose 2-1

  1. Yesterday I was a Liverpool supporter…
    When I was a child I played in a football team, wearing an all red equipment, like liverpool. We used to call our team the “Diablos Rojos” (red devils)… Also, spanish members of Liverpool make me support Liverpool yesterday and 2 years ago too…

    Liverpool made a good match, (Kaka didn`t touch the ball, etc),…


    “you’ll never trade alone…”

  2. Diablos Rojos…I like it.

    ps – It’s true we never trade alone…there is always some one on the other side, happy to take our money.

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