Week 29 trading results

Weekly change in equity: +0.4%. It may be raining outside but my trading is still going through a dry patch (for another trading blogger going through a similar experience, see Tyro’s blog). Still, it’s comforting to show a small profit for the week.

Road map score: 9/10. These strong road map scores haven’t correlated well with my profits, I feel this part of the game is crucial for good defensive play.

All in all, I continue to bide my time.

2 responses to “Week 29 trading results

  1. What’s your trading system for currencies (if you feel like disclosing)?

    I’ve thought about going Forex with OANDA since they allow any trade size, but I have no trading system in mind…

  2. Hi Prospectus. That bit I don’t disclose … this blog is about the other side of trading for me, which is why you see very few price charts etc. From experience Oanda are very good but if you are looking to trade intraday with relatively narrow stops just be aware they are a variable spread broker, and spreads can get seriously ‘variable’ around the data releases. all the best, C.

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