Blogger’s graveyard

It was only a month ago that I was lamenting the death of some of my favourite trading blogs. The exodus continues, with Abnormal Returns reporting on the departure of two more prominent bloggers (Yasser Anwar and Trader-X). Update those blog rolls, folks. Because I didn’t read this blogs regularly there are no tears, but I’m sure they will be missed by many. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that for many folk, blogging is a passing, constructive phase in their lives and moving on is part of the cycle. Discussing why blogs are often short-lived, Abnormal Returns comments:

‘Investment blogging is hard. Creating and maintaining a investment or trading blog requires time, dedication, creativity and perseverance. Again we should not be surprised that there are relatively few blogs that consistently achieve that standing.’

‘As a chronicler of the investment blogosphere through our daily linkfests we recognize that maintaining a good investment blog is difficult. That is why, in our opinion, we are seeing a relative shift toward blogs affiliated with the mainstream media.  Good blogging, like all other writing, requires a full-time focus (and at least part-time pay).’

This blog operates along similar lines of Tyro Trader’s and JP’s Developing Trader blogs, of providing new content pretty much when we see fit. In my case, it is a few times a week. By keeping my blogging objectives humble (although, yes, I am in talks about selling out to CNBC), I hope to continue blogging in the foreseeable future.

Lastly, the blogging drought was made worse by David at Dismally falling ill, and Brett Steenbarger at Traderfeed hospitalised with acute appendicitis. What was that about two buses coming at once? We wish them both a heartfelt speedy recovery.

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