June trading results

I’ve been in a bit of a grind recently. My equity line is back over £12k, but I’m still in the channel of discontent (shaded area on chart). I will press on with the disciplined approach.





4 responses to “June trading results

  1. Very interesting chart of your progress. I have experienced the same flat period over the last 8 weeks. Encouraging that it is not only me. My trades and trading results are shown on http://www.forextradeoftheday.com and http://www.expert-4x.com

  2. that chart of your equity curve is “clearly” a cup and handle formation…i’m expecting a breakout to new highs very soon!

  3. Chris – I’ve never experienced a ‘flat’ over such a long period. The psychological impact is quite different from the ups and downs that result from a helter skelter performance. It is a good time for contemplation. Most welcome. All the best.

    John – Good to hear from you. Fingers crossed for the break-out !

  4. Your total return/max drawdown ratio looks to be superb, must be doing something very well!

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