Week 37 trading results

Trading: +3.0%.

Behavioural road-map score: 7 out of 10.

A gain of 3.0% brings my equity line back to the old highs (around £12,550) during the life of this blog. Also, I’ve paid for my holiday and set aside a few hundred pounds for my car insurance, so I shouldn’t be hit by any more big expenses in the coming months other than the regular running costs. My equity ‘leakage’ had recently been very high, running at close to 50%, so I hope the future months are more generous to my results.

The roadmap score is a little lower than in recent weeks because I found myself pushing too hard at one point in the week, although I managed to extricate myself from this situation quite well, calling on my extensive bank of tortuous memories. It’s worth noting that in this instance, the net result of pushing too hard was close to neutral – indeed, I would pay money not to receive positive feedback from badly motivated trades, as it isn’t conducive to sustaining the long game.


One response to “Week 37 trading results

  1. love the blog, keep battling.

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