Week 38 trading results

Trading: -3.2%.

Behavioural road-map score: 5 out of 10.

Bad times indeed. I challenged fate and I came up short.

Despite the apparantly random nature of markets, in this great game it appears significantly easier to lose money than it is to make money, commissions aside.

I plod on, enjoying the pleasant weather, the occassional round of golf, the odd holiday and the nice meal, and all the while, in the back of my mind, I wonder what I am really doing with my life, questioning what is worthy and what is futile.

4 responses to “Week 38 trading results

  1. I dunno, but from my experience there are only two things worth pursuing: trading and golf. You seem to be on the right track. Golf provides camaraderie, exercise, and a skills challenge. It’s a medieval game that could not possibly be invented today. One can rejoice in it’s history. And trading is an opening to our vast world, much as is the collecting of stamps or coins. I spend much time trying to understand the interaction of global politics, finance, trade, demographics, derivatives, war and terrorism, so that I can be a better trader. Successful trading is an incredibly difficult challenge, a challenge of a lifetime (as is golf).

    Over time the other nonsensical things that I’ve done have been left behind and the essence of my life has distilled into golf and trading. And I don’t intend to change a thing.

  2. While I have not embraced golf, I have embraced trading.

    It is the hardest thing I have ever attempted, and it is a joy everyday to be a participant in the struggle.

    Hang in there Caravaggio…..

  3. Hi Linda, I feel the same way, but I must say I am trying to step back a little, not enjoying the struggle for it’s own sake but trading with the sole objective of making money.

    I do continue to enjoy the struggle from the bigger picture perspective, but for the direct challenge/struggle I try to divert my attention to other games (chess on Yahoo, sports in the real world), where I can enjoy pitting my wits against opponents (and myself) with no financial downside. Also, lessons from these other avenues often transfer over to trading, which can only be a good thing.

    All the best, C.

  4. IPDaily, we are very much alike for golf and trading are also the bread and butter of my existence. With an eye to the macro environment, trading is indeed a wonderful window in to the world, providing a perspective of the invisible forces shaping the workings of the world economy. It is indeed a wonderful thing.

    Here’s to success in both venues!

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