Week 47 trading results

Trading: -1.6%.

Behavioural road-map score: 7 out of 10.

No trades again this week.

Maybe I should be praying for the rain. Instead, my mindset is one of moving to new pastures, away from trading. 

3 responses to “Week 47 trading results

  1. Do you think this feeling is due in part to the slow down in your trading lately? I don’t know exactly what you’ve been doing, but the steep, brisk rise that you had a while ago seems to have flattened and that would affect many people’s mood. Maybe you could use a break to get some perspective. We’ve all seen how you’ve turned yourself around in the last year so we know you’ve got the right skills.

    I dunno man, I’ve been in your shoes before and it’s no fun. Wish you luck shaking it.

  2. Hi Caravaggio,

    Just curious, do you still feel you have the drive and passion for trading? Or is it what Tyro talked about, where the flatlining of your account equity has affected your psyche?

  3. Hi Tyro and Phileo.

    I feel I had the strategy and not the skills before I started this blog. Now, I may have developed the skills but the strategy is failing (fortunately there was some cross-over where I was able to lift my equity of the lows).

    It is true that my trading results have affected my mood, of that I am sure. I have been trading and doing nothing else for what feels like a very long time now, but only now do I feel comfortable with the idea of moving on if things don’t pan out (which they clearly aren’t). It’s true that a break is due, and the changing of the seasons may be having an influence, but I am comfortable with my thought process (ie there are no demons or gremlins causing sleepless nights).

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