Trading results – 2007


I won’t be trading (or blogging) in December so this pretty much wraps it up for the year. Much work remains, but it’s nice to finish 2007 on a high note after so many ups and downs.

Wishing everyone a merry, festive season, and a happy new year. I look forward to catching you on the other side.




10 responses to “Trading results – 2007

  1. Congrats Caravaggio on breaking thru the channel!

    Thanks for sharing your results from the beginning. Have a relaxing December.

    See you in 2008…..

  2. Great job glad to see you finish strong.

    Never give up !


  3. well, congrats on the effort..i’ve been following along for a while now… thought about doing something similar but i’m just not that instead i put together this little project from the link.

  4. Thanks for the kind words. The struggle bore fruit to an extent, but over such a short time frame the results are to be considered as largely independent of the underlying process…whether I would have closed the year with a net gain or loss, I am happy with the process and with what I learned along the way, and that is where the true value lies for me. Best wishes to all who are truly putting it up and fighting the good fight.

  5. C, I really like this blog. I had one question about the equity curve — is the run up from 3K due to you adding capital on top of profits? Or did you trade it all the way up to 13K?

    This is an eye-opening exercise for me.


  6. Thanks Jay. I wish I had the capital to add, but no, its all trading profit minus expenses. Just checked my rough-and-ready expenses reckoner, and during the course of the blog I have spent just over £7000.

    It goes to show how much running you have to do just to stand still, when you are severely undercapitalised.

  7. yep…now I am really scared…but at the same time inspired…great story and I’m really pulling for you now…but I’m sure you’ll make it.

    congrats on your recent breakout.

  8. Hey C
    Happy New year & thanks for this blog too. It helps me to know I’m not alone in my self loathing & struggles. Hahahhaa. I have decided this my year to either get it or don’t. So far so good. Keep up the good work & don’t give up.

  9. Thanks for the kind words Jay…but your faith is probably better placed on Desert Orchid in the 3rd! Also, thanks for dropping by and leaving a trail to your excellent blog!

    Hi Robert, the self-loathing can be very strong and the struggle endless. One big factor that helps me steer the course is having a clear cut off point – my rule is that if my equity drops below £10k, it’s game over. Without this rule, I’d probably have run myself into the ground already!

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