3 year trading review

Over the three years that I’ve been trading, I’ve kept a rough reckoning of my expenses:


When I started trading my trading equity was around £18,000. During the three years, my account has produced a gross trading profit of roughly £14,869. However, expenses of over £20,000 mean I am left with a net loss in the region of £5,700.

It’s a hard living.


3 responses to “3 year trading review

  1. It’s important to point out that I have lived in the family home for most of this time, so rent and food costs have not been a major expense. Otherwise, these two items would have added a further £20,100 in costs over three years, doubling my expenses!

  2. You spent only 200 on your clothes and 2650 on weddings+presents?! I’m not some big spender on clothes but this is very low.

  3. Uhm, yup, you picked up on this. What can I say? Not only did I spend such a small amount on clothes but actually threw out several bin bags of clothing, reducing my clothing stock by some 60%!. At one point, I only had one pair of jeans and one pair of trousers to my name, and my only pair of trainers are over ten years old (still going strong). I need to update the clothing column to £400 now though, as I’ve been forced to buy a few new items due to wear and tear).

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