‘The one with the blog redesign’

What’s this, another change to the layout? Sure is, and in keeping with the new minimalist layout, I’ve carried out a spring clean and have stripped away all the fat (stat counter, subscription buttons, equity level), cut away at some of the muscle (category tags), and have even shaved down some of skeleton (link to archive material). I realise this is a kind of madness, and I’ll add some of the flair back later. For now however, I am enjoying the barren landscape.

I fully appreciate that these changes risk throwing my both my WENUS (Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics) and ANUS (Annual Estimated Net Usage Statistics) out of whack, but I can live with it. Anyway, my single advertisement (see below…way below)  pulls in more than enough money.


‘Could there beee any more layout changes to this blog?’

2 responses to “‘The one with the blog redesign’

  1. Nice. I like the new clean design and dark background. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Perfect. This is inspiring me to take another look at the kind of layout I use as well. I’m not too worried about my WENUS or ANUS either. Too bad you couldn’t enlist one of the guest hotties over at TradingGoddess to help you shave…whatever it was that you where shaving.


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