A reminder on probability

In a recent Derren Brown programme called ‘The System’, the famous illusionist flicks a coin into a bowl ten times and has it come up heads every time. He explains how he does it further into the programme (2 minutes into this clip).

Its simple: The odds of achieving ten heads is just over one in a thousand (1/1024) so he keeps in flicking a coin into a bowl until he gets his run of ten heads. It takes over nine hours, but as Derren Brown says, if you do it enough times ‘the impossible becomes inevitable.’

I flicked a virtual coin in excel and got my ten heads after 244 throws. Not bad. I’ve got what it takes. The magic touch. I must be built for trading.
: )

PS – ‘The System’ is nowhere near as good as some of Derren Brown’s other stuff. Search him out on Youtube to see some amazing clips.

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