Bloodsport teaches trading


In my all time favourite Jean Claude Van Damme film, Bloodsport, JCVD travels to Hong Kong to fight in the Kumite, a legendary, underground fighting tournament that takes place once every four years.

This piece of cheesy dialogue is highly relevant to trading:

Journalist: Why is it that no one will talk about the Kumite? What is this air of mystery? (pause) Why are you fighting in it?

JCVD: It’s personal.

Journalist: You want to prove your manhood to the world?

JCVD: The Kumite is for the fighters, not for the people who read the newspapers.

Lesson: Always remember your motive.

In this clip, JCVD is through to the the final, where he fights Kumite champion Chong Li. Note that Bolo Yeung (the actor who played Chong Li), was 49 years old when Bloodsport was filmed.


10 responses to “Bloodsport teaches trading

  1. bloodsport ranks as one of the best martial arts films of all time…i had high hopes for JCVD, but his script selection after bloodsport wsan’t so hot

  2. He could have gone one of two ways … and he went the way of the Steven Seagal. It is a shame. However, looking at some of the reviews of his latest work, it would seem that JCVD’s films and acting has improved (although I think his performance in the above clip is excellent). There is even talk of a Bloodsport remake.

    Unlike Stallone, JC can’t have many spin-kicking years left…given what he gave us, someone should rescue the man from straight-to-DVD obscurity…Tarantino could do this, but I feel his best years may also be behind him.

    : (

  3. its a shame…when i first saw bloodsport, i thought a replacement for bruce lee was on the horizon

    i can’t remember much about any seagal movie, but i’ll actually watch them…i skip right past most JCVD

    i like most of jet li’s work…he’s made several good movies

    on the subject of stallone, i heard that the last rocky was actually good…i’m going to order that through netflix…have u seen it?

  4. Jet Li and the chap in Ong Bak (a Thai fighter, I believe) are excellent fighters, beautiful to watch. If you haven’t seen Ong Bak watch a few clips on line….and note there is no cgi going on there..there is no way these fighters could get insurance in a Hollywood!

    The latest Rocky is good, and much better than Rocky 5. It looks like it made on a cheaper budget though, so it may not come across too well on the small screen. Nevertheless, all credit to Stallone for giving the character a good send off. I also watched Rambo on the big screen recently, and it has some of the best action scenes I have ever seen – no kidding!

  5. i laughed when i heard he was doing another rocky and rambo movie, but i’ve heard really good things, so i’ll check them out

    i’ve never seen ong bak, but will look at some of his stuff later today


  6. This dialogue and then your bank research…hmmm….

  7. hey, I’ll take the help wherever I can get it…but overall, I reckon the action heroes can teach us more about trading than most bank research.. and they are definitely more entertaining!

  8. Just checked YouTube and it’s packed with Ong Bak clips, featuring a true master of our age, Tony Jaa.


  9. c: i checked them out, and placed two of his movies in my queue

  10. i watched green street houligans again, and thought of u…i don’t have any idea if its based on any reality or not, but its a good movie

    its about a soccer firm that lets an american into their firm (gang)…i haven’t been able to think of a “soccer riot” the same since i saw it

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