Mel Gibson teaches trading


I’m off to the Far East (HK, Vietnam, Cambodia) for few weeks, so no more blogging until early April. It is sad, I know. For my final post, I will share a teaching from ‘We Were Soldiers’, a Mel Gibson Vietnam war movie.

Before Lt.Colonel Hal Moore (Gibson) leads his troops off to war, he is shown  making notes on the earlier mistakes of the French. I paused the DVD at this point and scribbled them down.


–  Did not know the terrain

– Poor intelligence

– Underestimated the enemy

– Overconfident

– Did not fight on home ground



2 responses to “Mel Gibson teaches trading

  1. No Thailand? If you get a chance drop by.. Enjoy your holiday.

  2. Cheers eyal. Love to see Thailand one day, but with money and time quite tight on this trip, it’s going to have be another time.

    : )

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