Monthly Archives: April 2008

That’s all folks

Made it back from ‘nam and have decided to pretty much put a halt on trading as a serious full time occupation. As expected, holiday expenses took my account below the designated point-of-ruin (£10k), but my oh my, what a holiday. I can’t recommend Vietnam highly enough.

I’m still reading the regular trading blogs (Trader Gav, Financial Philosopher, etc), and have much material stuff to post here (mainly from my notebook), but I’m no longer interested in the famous pink pages (Financial Times), I only read the non-economics stuff out of the Economist, and the business news on the box is a non-starter.

I’m not ruling out a return to this business in the future, but for now I am happy just enjoying the nice weather with a good book in one hand, and a cup of tea in the other!

Good luck to all.