That’s all folks

Made it back from ‘nam and have decided to pretty much put a halt on trading as a serious full time occupation. As expected, holiday expenses took my account below the designated point-of-ruin (£10k), but my oh my, what a holiday. I can’t recommend Vietnam highly enough.

I’m still reading the regular trading blogs (Trader Gav, Financial Philosopher, etc), and have much material stuff to post here (mainly from my notebook), but I’m no longer interested in the famous pink pages (Financial Times), I only read the non-economics stuff out of the Economist, and the business news on the box is a non-starter.

I’m not ruling out a return to this business in the future, but for now I am happy just enjoying the nice weather with a good book in one hand, and a cup of tea in the other!

Good luck to all.


6 responses to “That’s all folks

  1. So what are you planning to do careerwise?

  2. i’m sorry to see this one go…it truly was one of my favorites

  3. Sorry to hear this, but – well – much more to pursue in life as well. Perhaps a conservative long term up drift trading strategy may be the best after all?

    Vietnam must have been quite an experience. I did a trip around China last year, and the contrast between ultra modern and (wonderful and tragic) history is really strong. Reckon Vietnam, with its modern history is even more breath taking.

    Hope u’ll continue commenting on Dev Trader. I find your commenting very beneficial.

  4. Hi Moom – not sure what the world has instore for me…maybe just drift from town to town in search of adventure.

    John – It’s been a pleasure amigo. This site isn’t dead yet, but I do feel that I am all traded out for now. On the upside, they say there’s more to life than trading…I have my doubts, but let’s see. Thanks for all the kind words.

    JP – Long-term updrift is indeed the way for most, at least that’s what I tend to believe (you gotta believe something, eh). That said, I am also of the view that the system has it’s kinks that can be exploted. At least my trading was profitable before expenses … but that’s meaningless over the long haul as it still adds up to a losing strategy.

    Re travelling, the one FX trade that continues to make sense is to holiday in countries that are pegged to the USD – the USD still has significant purchasing power if you know where to look.

    Keep up the good work on DT. I’m always lurking around…at least when I’m not spending time on

  5. C: well, if ur not closing the blog down, there’s still hope…looking forward to more wisdom, and kung fu movie recommendations

  6. Best of luck, man!
    I quit trading, got a job, and now I quit my job and I’m returning to the market, in a different way. Life has a great way of taking you where you didn’t expect or even want to go – but I think it’s for the best, otherwise it wouldn’t happen that way.

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