The Fortune Teller by Caravaggio

The Fortune Teller (1954) by the real Caravaggio shows a confident, young man having his palm read by a fortune teller. See how she gives a knowing smile as she removes a ring from his finger without his knowing.

Watch out for forecasters and their crystal balls, I say, or you risk being conned on two fronts. First, there is the payment for the forecasts, with time and mental energy, if nothing else. Then we pay up again when we act on their predictions.


7 responses to “The Fortune Teller by Caravaggio

  1. Yes yes yes — and what a great piece of art. This looks like the first version, no?

  2. Clearly it’s not a good idea to take a forecast from someone wearing a tie, even if it is a very very small bow

  3. LT – I thought it was the Louvre version (second), but may be mistaken .. either way, a nice picture.

    Caprica – Good spot, I didn’t see that one.

  4. As much as I’m on record for being a serious art coillector, this picture brings into my mind the thought…..”How come no fortune teller has ever won the lottery?”

    It looks like I’m leaving Paris empty handed by the way:(



  5. If the auction prices were in euros, I’d walk away empty handed (but not empty pocketed) as well.

    re fortune tellers, they can only use their powers for good, surely?

  6. I had a fortune teller say to me I would die on January 20, 2009. She had no idea why or how, only that it would be unexpected. Maybe this is for the better?

    So, anyone have any strategies they can toss me on staying alive through January 20, 2009?

  7. First, don’t believe a word of it, otherwise it may become self-fulfilling !!! It’s like somebody making a really extreme forecast such as DOW 100,000, gold £2000 etc. But here, the joy is that each forecast is dished out independently to each client. If by chance, someone does pass away on or around said date, I imagine it’s very good for credibility and business. Just a theory. There is also the possibility that they believe in what they are doing. Either way, stay away from the fortune teller around that date…they have the power to make such things come true !

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