Bears: A Brief History by Bernd Brunner (translated by Lori Lantz)

‘Bears: A Brief History by Bernd Brunner (translated by Lori Lantz)’, concludes with the following:

“Our fascination with bears also makes it difficult for us to recognize that, no matter how familiar their glance and gait may seem, bears are not interested in people. But indifference on their part should not prevent us from feeling admiration, respectful curiosity, and concern for the bears that share our world. I would like to have faith in our ability to devise intelligent ways for humans and bears to coexist – although I hope this book has made it clear that we should also keep a respectful distance from them. Since completely avoiding misanthromorphism may be impossible, perhaps we can think and speak of bears as our distant relatives in the forest who have their own way of doing things and simply prefer to keep to themselves. Let us not be disappointed – the bears cannot help it. We can avoid clashes with bears only if we learn to stay out of their way. Anything else is the stuff of dreams!”


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