Murrary loses well to Federer

Andy Murray pretty much got squashed in the US Open final but it is a grand success all things considered (he beat Nadal a long the way). Murray has adopted a far more constructive, positive attitude compared to a his impulsive, standoffish character of a few years ago and it is paying dividends. There is much traders can learn from his transformation.

Here are some quotes from the post-match interview:

“I know mentally now that I can get to a Slam final, and physically. The only thing it comes down to is the tennis.

“You work harder, you know what things were breaking down, what things need to get better, and you go to work on them.

“I hope that this will be the start of big things for me but I’m going to need to put a lot of work in.”

Alas, Murray is not the man to give us the latest on the FX market,for the article concludes with ‘when asked how he felt about picking up a cheque for US$1m. “That’s about £10, isn’t it?”

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