I am a 30 year old currency trader and I have hit rock bottom.

I came with plenty but after two years of full-time trading my capital is down to the scrapings. Dormant savings and trading accounts have been closed and all the funds gathered to one place. This is my last shot. I have £3500 left in the pot.  That is all; from so much to so little. It really is quite depressing.

I have imposed deadline on myself of 6 months (end April 2007). If I fail to recoup my original balance by the end of this time I will resign to the world of grey suits. Afterall, as P.G Wodehouses’s character ‘Picadilly Jim’ says: ‘Duty! There comes a time in the life of every man when he must chose between what is pleasant and what is right.’

This blog will be updated with trading results, thoughts and reflections on weekly basis (at a minimum).



5 responses to “About

  1. You can do it.

    Trading is simple.

    First, throw away all of your indicators.

    Just trade in the direction of the daily price candle. It is that simple.

    Green, go long.

    Red, go short.

    Now, get back in the game and RIP SOME PIPS!

  2. Go for it!

    Good luck and take the money back with profits! It’s a real dangerous game so take a step per time.

  3. Thanks Mikaress. The journey is indeed fraught with dangers. Many of these dangers are are part and parcel of the riskiness of the market, but a great many may also be the product of the trader themselves.

  4. anyway to get in touch with you? email/contact form? thanks :o)

  5. Sure thing Babak. I can be contacted at the3500(at)googlemail.com.

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